Shoring Services

Early on, Barcus has been involved with shoring design and construction. We have great working relationships with several engineering firms that specialize in shoring designs and construction. Barcus is able to solve a variety of shoring issues within budget and schedule.

Barcus can provide shoring prices during the bidding process and work with the estimating team to ensure that the bid is complete and that the General Contractor to minimize surprises that are within his control. Barcus can also perform work in an accelerated window due to an unexpected shoring problem. Barcus is proficient in Sheet Pile Shoring, Shotcrete with soil nails, Beam and Lagging, Secant Pile Walls, and many others. Since Barcus is also a General Contractor we are able to assist with ideas to make the project efficient and cost effective.

Shoring Gallery